Ginger has not only been a spice used by Asian and Indian cultures for centuries; it is also one of the most potent medicinal foods in existence. Warm and slightly spicy, ginger is used as a seasoning in teas, seafood, and stir-fries, as a powder in nutritional supplements, and as a spice in sauces and baked goods.

Ginger is available year-round in most grocery stores and can be purchased fresh, in powder form, or in crystallized form. Fresh is always best because it still contains more gingerols and gingerols, which are the volatile oils that give ginger its strong, pungent flavor. In addition, these oils are powerful antioxidants that help remove toxins and reduce inflammation.

Adding ginger to your diet is easy, as it is known to add flavor to almost any meal, raw or cooked.

Ginger and ginger powder
Ginger And Ginger Powder


Coat your vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and onions with olive oil and sprinkle with grated ginger and garlic before roasting. The spices will not only enhance the flavor of the vegetables, but the rich aroma will fill the house.

Fresh juice

If you enjoy making your own freshly squeezed juices, then you will love the ginger added freshly squeezed juice. It is great with pineapple, mango, orange juice, grapefruit, grape, pear, and banana juice.


If you prefer a refreshing drink, then you can enjoy ginger lemonade to help cool you down on a hot summer day. Grate the ginger and steep it in 1/2 cup of hot water for about 10 minutes. Drain and let the ginger water cool for about 30 minutes. Add more water and ice along with fresh lemon and honey. Enjoy!


Grated ginger is popular in almost any kind of stir-fry. Not only does it bring out the flavor of the vegetables, but it also adds a sweet aroma to your kitchen to help you enjoy your meal.

Salad dressings

Juice the ginger, mix with olive oil, lemon juice, and sea salt and drizzle over all your favorite vegetables and garden salads. To get the juice from the ginger, simply grate and use cheesecloth to press the juice from the fibers.

Fruit salad

Ginger juice works well when drizzled over fresh fruits such as pineapple, mangoes, oranges, peaches, and pears.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the spicy flavor of ginger. Simply grate and steep ginger for about 10 minutes. Then add some cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and agave nectar and sit back and relax while you drink the tea.


Ginger ale also goes well with morning coffee. For a spicier flavor, cinnamon can also be added.

Rice dishes

Ginger is the perfect way to bring your rice to life. You can basically add ginger in any way you like, but a great way to add ginger is to sauté it first and then add it to your fried rice.


Marinades can be used with almost any grilled, steamed, or barbecued dish. To make a marinade, simply mix your favorite ingredients, such as minced ginger, minced garlic, cilantro, green onions, lime or lemon juice, your favorite juices, such as apple, orange, pineapple, or grape, and your favorite oil and sea salt and pepper to taste. To sweeten the marinade, you can add honey or agave nectar.

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