Ginger slicing machine is used for cutting ginger into slices. It is also known as a ginger slicer, and it is a kind of vegetable cutter machine. The size of the finished product ranges from 1mm ~ to 3mm. And the cutting capacity of the machine is from 150kg/h to 250kg/h. The ginger chopping machine is suitable for processing ginger, carrots, banana, cucumber, potatoes, taro, bamboo shoots, etc.

The ginger slicer machine is a highly important ginger processing machine, and a significant part of a whole ginger powder production line. The whole machine adopts stainless steel body structure, which has the features of food grade and durability. The ginger slicing machine is widely used in various food processing industries.

Ginger slicer
Ginger Slicer

Features of gingle slicer machine

  1. High-quality 304 stainless steel structure and frame
  2. The thickness of the ginger slices can be adjustable, from 1mm to 3mm
  3. The ginger slicing machine can process gingers 150kg to 250kg per hour
  4. It has a simple structure and reasonable design, very easy to operate
  5. We support strong customization service to fit your special demand

Parameters of TAIZY ginger slicing machine

Cutting capacity:150 ~ 250 kg per hour
Cut off form:from careful cut wire, thin section
Dimensions:1 ~ 3 mm
Mechanical power:1/2 HP single-phase 220 v
The machine specification:length 54 cm x 40 cm wide x 56 cm high
The machine weight:about 41 kg

Things need to know before running a ginger slicing machine

  1. Before operating the equipment on a horizontal surface, ensure that the machine is placed smoothly and reliably; make sure that the equipment plug is in good contact, with no loose, watermarks.
  2. Such foreign objects to check rotary cylinder or the conveyor belt, such as foreign objects must be cleaned up to avoid damage to tools.
  3. The operation, adjustment processing needs to choose the cutting method according to the vegetable species, melon and potato centrifugal slicer for hard vegetables, vertical blade part can be soft leafy vegetables or good film processing block cut into different sizes, D-shaped, diamond-shaped, etc. ;
  4. After the vertical knife is installed, first adjust the eccentric rotation, and knife frame to the dead point after the next line, then make the knife frame raised 1-2mm, so that the vertical knife and the belt contact, pull the knife frame tight to fix the nut on the vertical knife on the knife frame. If the turret lifting height is small, there may even be a chopper, if the turret lifting height is too large, it may cut the bad conveyor belt.    
Ginger slicing equipment
Ginger Slicing Equipment

How to maintain the ginger slicer machine?

1. When cleaning tools or accessories that come in contact with food, users should dry them with a dry cloth first.

2. The shaft of the tool needs to be lubricated with edible oil.

3. When the tool is rusted, it can be removed and polished with the oil stone.

4. Users should pay attention to refueling the gearbox every six months and lubricating the bearings, chains, gears, and other transmission parts of the machine once a quarter.    

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