Ginger grinding machine, often shortened to ginger grinder, is a powerful tool for grinding dry ginger into fine powder. Besides, it has a wide range of applications, also used for processing garlic, onion, potato, banana, meat, cereals, spices, chili, vegetable, grain, rice, medicinal herbs, etc. The capacity of the automatic ginger grinder machine ranges from 10kg/h to 500kg/h. There are various models available for your choice. Furthermore, we have a highly strong capability to provide OEM/ODM service to meet your specific requirements.

The whole machine uses a 304 stainless steel body structure, which is durable and food-grade. And the ginger grinding machine for sale from the TAIZY factory has the features of high automation level, simple structure, and small size. If you are looking for a reliable vegetable grinder machine, contact us to start your ginger business as soon as possible.

Features of ginger grinding machine

  1. The ginger crushing machine has a simple structure and reasonable design, it is easy to operate and maintain.
  2. Wide range of applications. This commercial ginger mixer grinder is widely used in the vegetable processing industry, pharmaceutical plant, and spices production factories.
  3. Energy saving and high efficiency. It has a high output, energy saving, and high efficiency.
  4. The electric ginger grinding machine has low noise, and stable performance.
  5. OEM/ODM service is available to meet your specific demand.
Ginger grinding machine structure
Ginger Grinding Machine Structure

Applications of ginger grinder machine

  • In the food processing industry

The automatic ginger grinding machine is ideal for processing dry food like ginger, garlic, chili, spices, grains, rice, sugar, soybean, etc.

  • In industrial field

Some industrial waste is recyclable after grinding, please contact us before grinding special raw materials.

  • In pharmaceutical plant

This grinding machine also can be used for grinding medicine pills, herbs, etc. It can process all dry medicinal materials.

Ginger grinder machine
Ginger Grinder Machine

Technical data of TAIZY ginger grinding machine

Materials304 Stainless Steel304 Stainless Steel304 Stainless Steel304 Stainless Steel
Dimension(mm)480X520X1040750X600 X1260780 X700 X1350800 X900 X1550

Contact us to start your ginger business

This ginger grinding machine is suitable for home use and industrial application because it has a small size, good performance, and affordable price. It can greatly improve your production efficiency. Besides, the ginger grinder can be used alone to achieve the grinding purpose, and also can be an important part of the whole ginger powder processing line.  

As a professional ginger processing machine manufacturer, TAIZY factory provides a full range of ginger machines, including ginger washing machine, ginger peeling machine, and ginger drying machine. All machines use international standards and design. And we provide powerful custom services to fit your needs. Welcome to get in touch with us for more useful information.

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