Ginger drying machine is a kind of vegetable and fruit dryer. It is widely used for dehydrating all kinds of fruits and vegetables, such as ginger, garlic, fungus, lemon, kiwi, pineapple, etc. The electric ginger dryer has the features of no pollution, easy operation, and energy saving. In fact, ginger dried is easy to collect and can greatly extend the storage time. And, the nutritional value of the dried ginger is not changed, and the taste could be better. Besides, dried ginger is the irreplaceable raw material of ginger powder.

Therefore, the ginger dehydration machine is an important part of the whole ginger powder production line. As a comprehensive ginger processing machinery manufacturer, TAIZY company provides a full range of ginger machines for the global market. All machines enjoy a good performance and the best price.

Features of ginger drying machine

  1. The electric appliance has the functions of setting temperature, timer timing, constant temperature control, over-temperature alarm, setting dehumidification time, etc. An optional touch screen is available.
  2. The whole box of film dryer adopts a fully enclosed structure, and the internal hot air is recycled to save energy and efficiency.
  3. The heat source for ginger drying can be electricity (380V/50Hz), steam (0.2~0.8MPa), a hot air furnace (wood/coal/oil/gas), etc.
  4. Built-in high temperature resistant long shaft fan, forced hot air circulation, greatly reducing the heat loss in the circulation process.
  5. Ginger dryer cabinet is equipped with a djustable air distribution board, which can adjust the gap size up and down to control the airflow and make the temperature inside the box more uniform.
  6. Insulation layer thickness 80~200mm, using high-density rock wool or ultra-fine aluminosilicate fiber wool to further reduce heat loss.
Ginger dryer machine
Ginger Dryer Machine

Parameters of TAIZY ginger dryer machine

ModelSize (L*W*H) (mm)Drying car numberCapacity (kg/ times)
SL-24000*1 600*250002600
SL-46000*1 600*250041200

Wide range of applications of ginger dryer equipment

This ginger dryer machine has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for drying various vegetables and fruits.

Vegetables: ginger, cucumber slices, bitter gourd slices, white fungus, black fungus, red pepper, eggplant, kidney beans, beans, lentils, dry fruit slices, pepper, mushroom, etc.

Fruit: mangoes, apples, almond, dates, dragon fruit, strawberries, hawthorn slices, cherries, kiwis, pumpkins, banana, longans, peaches, persimmons, etc.  

Vegetable drying machine
Vegetable And Fruit Drying Machine

Structure details of this ginger drying machine

This ginger dryer machine has a simple structure and reasonable design, it is easy to operate. And it mainly consists of a trolley, circulation fan, air energy heat, smart control panel, box, induced draft fan, stainless steel tray, electrical components, and exhaust fan. All machines use stainless steel structure, durable and food-grade. Besides, the machine adopted advanced technology and brand parts. Moreover, we have extremely skilled staff to ensure high quality and good performance.

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Ginger dryer machine is one of our highly hot products. Besides, there are many other ginger machines available from Taizy factory, such as ginger washing machine, ginger peeling machine, ginger grinding machine, and ginger powder making machine. All our equipment enjoys good price and stable performance. Welcome to get in touch with us for more useful information.

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