Ginger washing machine is a brush-type cleaning machine. This machine has the features of super efficiency, high automation, and energy saving. It is extremely ideal for washing and cleaning ginger, potatoes, sweet potato, carrots, yam, parsnip, beet, rutabaga, horseradish, taro, apple, lotus root, etc. And widely used in vegetable processing plants, fruit processing plants, restaurants, schools, hotels, etc. The ginger washer machine has the functions of fully automatic washing cleaning and peeling. Its capacity of it ranges from 700kg/h to 3000kg/h.

All machines adopt stainless steel material, which is food-grade and durable. Are you looking for a quality ginger washing machine? Contact us to start your ginger business.

Brush type vegetable washing machine
Brush Type Vegetable Washing Machine

Features of ginger washing machine

  1. Wide applications. The ginger cleaning machine is widely used for processing various root vegetables, such as ginger, potato, yam, carrot, white radish, kudzu, etc.
  2. All machines use stainless steel body structure, food-material material.
  3. The sprayed water is fan-shaped, large area, and high pressure, which is effective and fast.
  4. Nylon brush. The brush material is treated with a special process, which has good wear resistance.
  5. Inner driven part. Gear, motor, and chain to drive the machine, the ginger washer machine has a compact structure and reasonable design.
  6. Water and residue collecting tray. It can collect the waste water and residue flow from one outlet then can prevent flow to everywhere on the floor.
  7. OEM/ODM service is available. We provide a strong customization service to meet any of your special requirements.
Ginger washer machine structure
Ginger Washer Machine Structure

Parameters of TAIZY ginger cleaning washing machine


Working principle of the ginger washing machine

The ginger washer cleaning machine adopts the principle of brush friction and is widely used for cleaning and peeling round and oval fruits and vegetables. Such as ginger, carrot, sweet potato, and potato. The machine can be washed or peeled by changing brush rollers. According to the characteristics of the products, the brush washing machine can be equipped with hard or soft brushes to avoid damage to the products. With the rolling of the brush, the cleaning and stripping effect is achieved through the friction between the brush and the product.

This machine can clean alone or work on cleaning and peeling at the same time. The equipment has a beautiful appearance, easy operation, large cleaning and peeling volume, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and can work continuously. Brush roller material after special processing is durable, and the equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel.

Structure details of the ginger processing cleaning machine

  1. Machine body. This machine adopts stainless steel material, which has a long service life and is very easy to clean.
  2. Brush roll. The brush roller is rolled from nylon rope, it is very sturdy and strong.
  3. Shower nozzle. The machine uses an automatic spray cleaning system, it can connect the water pipe, and realize deep cleaning.
  4. Outlet. It uses automatic rotation discharge, which saves effort and time.

Ginger washing machine manufacturers

Before buying a quality ginger washer machine, it is highly important to find a quality ginger washer manufacturer. Otherwise, you will spend much more time on communication, maintenance, and replacement of machines. TAIZY ginger washing machine is a brush-type vegetable cleaning and washing machine. It has superior quality, good performance, and an affordable price.

Apart from the ginger washer, we also provide ginger slicing machine, ginger drying machine, ginger grinding machine, and ginger powder making machine. Are you looking for a reliable ginger machine? Leave your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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