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Taizy Machinery Co., Ltd is a comprehensive ginger processing machinery supplier. At begin, the founder of the company – Hanny, found that it is difficult for us to process ginger manually. And he is an engineer. Therefore, he began to devote himself to the research and development of ginger machines with his partners. And three months later, the improved ginger washing and the peeling machine was developed successfully. Compared to the machine from other suppliers, the Taizy ginger washing and peeling machine is more energy-saving and more affordable. And then other ginger processing machines were invented.

Ginger powder processing line

Ginger Powder Processing Line

Ginger powder processing line combines various ginger machines that process original ginger into excellent ginger powder. It contains a ginger washing machine, ginger peeling machine, ginger slicer, ginger drying machine,....

Trending Machines

Ginger powder processing line

Ginger powder processing line combines various ginger machines that process original ginger into excellent ginger powder. It contains a ginger....

Ginger grinder machine

Ginger grinding machine, often shortened to ginger grinder, is a powerful tool for grinding dry ginger into fine powder. Besides,....

Ginger slicing machine

Ginger slicing machine is used for cutting ginger into slices. It is also known as a ginger slicer, and it....

Ginger cleaning machine

Ginger washing machine is a brush-type cleaning machine. This machine has the features of super efficiency, high automation, and energy....

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Quality Guarantee

All our machines are designed and manufactured according to international standards. And we provide a one-year warranty.


Fast Delivery

We have highly skilled staff to make sure the fast delivery and good performance of our products.


Technical Support

There is an extremely professional technical support team for pre-sales and after-sales services.


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